Integrated Railway Information System


At present there is no method by which a passenger can be informed of the next approaching station. This results in lack of information with the passenger and creates anxiety especially during night hours. This integrated railway information System is designed to solve the above mentioned problem by not only informing the Railway passengers about the next coming station but also for railways by generating the huge revenues for then by showing the advertisements.This System is designed especially for Indian Railway it can be easily implemented in the Indian Railways.

The project software interface for integrated railway information system is an integrated application .This software not only connects to the GPS satellites but also process the received raw data and convert it into the user friendly information which is understandable by the general public i.e. passengers in the train.

This software is created in Visual Basic 6.0 and Oracle Database or Microsoft Access as the back end for the software. In this integrated railway information system the GPS Module which consist of an inbuilt GPS receiver chip and an inbuilt antenna is connected to the computer through the db9 (9 pin socket) through the rs232 connecting cable. This GPS module is directly connected the GPS satellite. This module transfers the information to the computer in the NMEA 0183 protocol. This software through a third party DLL (dynamic linking library) is connected to this GPS Module. This third party software is GPS Toolkit Pro.Then the software interface is connected to the GPS module through this Dynamic Linking Library. This software interface receives the raw data from the DB 9 port of the computer in NMEA 0183 format at specific setting with an update rate of 1 second. After the raw data is received from the GPS Module this software then retrieves the information regarding the Latitude, Longitude, Magnetic Flux, Speed of the moving train ,universally coordinated time and other useful information regarding the train. The retrieved information from the raw data is then used to find the current location of the train. After the current location of the train is found then this software is connected to the backend database which stores the location of each and every route station. The train’s location is then compared with the location of each and every route station stored in the backend database. After this comparison, the distance of train from each and every route station is stored in another database. The Information regarding the Current universally coordinated time, distance from the next station, time required to reach the next station, Expected time of arrival to the next station, current speed of the train along with the commercial advertisement are stored in a text file which is updated at an update rate of 1 millisecond to almost 10 second. This updated file is then send to the LED Panels of each and every coach of the train to display the current information and commercial advertisements through Ethernet connection.

This software also automatically creates the text file for the outdoor display. This text file stores the information regarding the train number, Source station, Destination station, Coach Number, and commercial advertisements. This text file is displayed at all the LED Panels outside the coaches’ i.e. outdoor display.

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