Fedora to Debian & Code::Block

After using Fedora (http://www.fedoraproject.org/) for more then 2 year , I decide to switch to Debian (http://www.debian.org) because Fedora is really going too aggressive in their development. Many of the packages which are actually in their beta days are the part of their official repository.Also packages available in Debian repository are almost thrice then that of those available in the fedora repositories. Though I strongly believe in the philosophy that great packages always come in *tar.gz , but still i am not that much kind to myself to compile vlc or xchm before installing them on my box.

The first things I notice in Debian (off course after noticing its stability :P) is that Code::Block is not a part of the Debian official repository , But still you can install in using the apt repo provided by Jen (http://apt.jenslody.de/) , just by following the instruction given at http://apt.jenslody.de/