#FDBK #OpenMRS #GSoC Minimal Version Ready

So, at finally we have the *very minimal* General Feedback Module #FDBK[0] ready , thanks to great help from my mentor Ben Wolfe[1] as well as the whole OpenMRS[2] community. The very basic module is ready.The source code can be browsed here[3].The omod file is attached here , also do not to forget to apply the attached patch to the headerFull.jsp file that is under <OpenMRS-Directory>/WEB-INF/template/ .

If you are using MySQL then their is a greater possibility that this will run 😀 .

Please give your valuable feedback regarding the same.

Area which are still under work and are not completed:

1. Stack Trace.
2. Attachment of files.
3. Ability to forward the *BUG* to the JIRA instance .

[0] : https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/projects/General+Feedback+Mechanism+%28Implementation+Ideas%29
[1] : http://twitter.com/#!/bawolfe
[2] : http://openmrs.org/help/
[3] : https://source.openmrs.org/browse/Modules/feedback/trunk

Attachment :

OMOD : http://gauravpaliwal.com/newheaderfull.patch
Patch : http://gauravpaliwal.com/feedback-1.0.0-SNAPSHOT.omod