Request for Feedback of Feedback Module

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gaurav Paliwal <>
Date: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 6:48 PM
Subject: Request for Feedback of Feedback Module
To: OpenMRS Implementers <>
Cc: Ben Wolfe <>, Burke Mamlin <>
Hi,I have been working this summer in the mentorship of Ben Wolfe, Burke Mamlin and the whole developer community on the General Feedback Mechanism Module.

Overview :

This module provides a mechanism for users to communicate with system supporters/admins with system-related (not patient-specific) messages. For example:

  • “The system is running much slower than usual today.”
  • “We need a diagnosis term for Sarcoidosis.”
  • “This system would be better if I could more easily find my patient’s lab results.”
    and eventually:
  • “I tried to select BOB SMITH and got this error” (with screenshot and a snapshot of recent log exceptions attached)

There is a ubiquitously available link in the upper right near the Help link. A “Feedback” link pops up a simple form.  When feedback is submitted, the user receives confirmation and the feedback is forwarded to the system administrator. The administrator can respond and act on feedback from the administration screen.

Others details are following :

It would be a matter of real pride for me if you could provide feedback and I could further improve upon this module even after the GSoC period.

Note: Their are some issues with Stack Trace else it is working fine.Hoping to get opportunity to *SQUASH* bugs 🙂