Why Hyderabad is turning out to be a big problem for me

Recently I have shifted to Hyderabad for next 3 month. I already completed 1 month of my stay in Hyderabad but that was not that smooth that I expected it to be.No doubt Hyderabad is a very good city with awesome weather but for a North Indian food it can be a major issue here.No one of my college’s friend is here. Although some of my school friends are here but they are currently living way away from my accommodation, and as I hate traveling , what should I say more. As cooking is my hobby, I can’t even do this for time-pass here as we are not allowed to prepare food inside our accommodation. Although I am trying to start interacting with people irrespective of the fact that my perspective very from their almost by 180 degree but this is the best I can do. I am really missing my home sweet home in Delhi along with good food that my mother used to prepare. The crowded streets of the Chandni Chowk and of India Gate that despite of being crowded never kills your personnel space.The awesome old Delhi food, friend and everything.

Lets see what is gonna next, hopefully everything will be on the track in next fortnight or so. But one thing for sure I really have to work hard and test my patience if I want to live here in Hyderabad for next 2 month without facing much problem.