/me 2011 flashback and 2012 resolutions

So, the new year is starting, the old one is going… Ahaa, so, time is going in other direction and the memories in other directions (may be fading, okey becoming antique if you don’t like the negativity of the word *fading* πŸ˜€ :P).The 2011 as a year started with a lots of down in first 20 days of January (http://blog.gauravpaliwal.com/confession this one come up of real frustration, these are of the worse days that I have seen in my life. This was the only time in my whole life till now that I found myself in the helpless state of mind, then ups ups then downs ups and then come the serious decision just sometime before the year is about to end. And the question was #WTF, I wanted to do with my life. When the year started everything was getting out of hands, the startup company that I started collapsed despite of the fact we always have business ,we believed in creating business not consuming it. Ohhh, yaah a lot of learning out of it. I learnt many things that can not to understood by reading books. I simply loved this fact that even after wasting time, energy and off-course money from my own pocket I gained something. Something that I won’t have learnt if someone has taught me that. I understood don’t mix things, don’t undervalue yourself. I understood the real meaning of the phrase : “Knowledge is free you need to get, people are not you need to *heavily* pay and contributors are priceless you need to be” . And this time I understood that their is no need neither to forgive nor to forget. Then came the radical change when I started observing the things, the people around me. Apart from business tactics that I have learnt, another thing that I have learnt is that you can’t believe everyone. The interaction with people that is already at the minimum become even more minimal. Still I loved it, because now the people around me are those whom I can trust. Then come the placement time when I was placed in TCS, to be honest that came as a cakewalk πŸ™‚ #proud. After the came the notice ahh.. #dictatorship one placement per student.. lalal l0l0l0…lalal….what else you expect me to say…Then everything gone off smoothly for next months. Or honestly everything is like a holiday. Come to college, take few classes , then dump on panky PG’s eat-code-sleep-drink (exclude me for that) was the general schedule for the next few months. This was a awesome time. We reminded the time when we did all cool stuff, the projects that still powers the organization, the development work and the event organizations stuff. The flashback of all four year memories (Ahh.. only professional one, I don’t have much of causal stuff associated with my college or you can say I never felt like interacting with more more and more people, I keep it to my friends only and friends are 3-4 only πŸ˜€ , don’t kick on my ass for this :D, I know people still will :P) Then came the tour-de-Allahbad and tour-de-Dehradun, hmm.. no more comments over these tour-de-test-athon πŸ˜€ . Huhh, the mega surprise, I got selected in Google Summer of 2011 for OpenMRS, and that was huge for me. I meet some awesome people during this course like Ben Wolfe , Michael Downey, Jeremy Keiper, Burke Mamlin among others. These people are just awesome and passionate about work . Great people I say, I learnt a lot in this course. My first video conferencing also come in this. This was a once in a lifetime experience, I can bet you on this :D. Then we have done NCERT training on School-OS meet c00l hackers in this. Year was actually full of events , one after another then came the starvation of events that still continues. But hopefully it will end in 2012.

Then come the masterpiece the Hyderabad. The place where I ended up in a placed called Manjeera Island ( oh.. come on that is like that only. No human in the area for KM’s and then the ever growing haunted stories, black magic stuff tales hahahah huhhuhuh I am afraid πŸ˜€ hell…. least bothered). Majority of weekend I ended up in my friends house. Then came the time when all controversies started finding me. The Diwali one , then the chocolate one , then come the sms one , then come many others even bigger even more irritating, leave it keep it a secret πŸ˜› πŸ˜€ ). Meet *few (few-iest)* awesome people in Hyderabad, who speak what they think, open minded and off-course staright forward. Also meet some highly complex and irritating people but nevertheless if who meet 3k bad people and make 3 good friend I don’t mind that equation πŸ˜€ . As far as mentors in ILP are concerned I think one mentor has brought some significant change in the way I deal with people, or you can say s/he is the one who is the 7th mentor in my life who taught me many things that I will keep with myself for lifetime.

Then came the movement when we have to leave Hyderabad. Ohh.. hell… but again time has to move, you need to move forward keeping good memories and leaving bad experiences (this was more important this time). To be honest I never felt bad leaving my college but I felt very bad leaving Hyderabad , something unusual for me but true. Reason is I was never attached to my college, I was a day scholar and college was more or less like a school for me . Then came the decision not to take hefty offer from a MNC and continue with TCS and go for MBA . Some called it bad decision, some called it weird and some ended up kicking on my ass. But at the end I felt happy because I need some shift in the type of work I am doing. I am doing almost same things from last 5+ year , now I need a shift, and I liked my decision. Now, the year is about to end. I know this year I made many decision , all good for me some bad for others but overall this is life and life is this. Your action will have reactions because you can’t make everyone in the universe happy with you.

New year, yes the one that is about to start, I have made some resolutions for myself :

1. I will donate some amount to those who are excellent in their studies but because of economical reason they are facing problems. This is something that I will start from 2012 and move forward for next year. Here is a very good initiative started by my friend’s brother : http://tuxcoder.wordpress.com/2011/06/15/friends-do-u-have-interest-to-help-students-by-donate-money-or-point-out-the-students-those-who-suffer-money-to-pay-their-fees/ , I think I will also start contributing towards his initiative. Because what this person is doing is what we need, he is actually starting a chain reaction of change that someday will become powerful enough to change the fate of India as a whole , and I strongly believe in this.Β Β  Done, through different modes and organizations.

2. Definitely, I have to control my sarcasm, Its something I really want to get away with it. Because with this I generally ended up hurting people which I don’t want to.

3. Start taking things more formally rather then facing them casually with a BIG BIG smile on the face. Its not good to smile on everything. Β Β  Done.

4. And last but not the least finding happiness/self satisfaction from inside to outside not from outside to inside.Β Β Β Β  Done.

PS : Edited the blog as of 17 Nov, 2012, just to see what I have done or what is still pending.

2011 Indian anti-corruption Movement

Recently, I visited the Ramlila Maiden where the India’s biggest peaceful protest of 21st century is going, some snaps are here : http://gauravpaliwal.snapixel.com/set_5219 .A wiki page about this even is here ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2011_Indian_anti-corruption_movement ). This movement is lead by Anna Hazare ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anna_Hazare ). Anna is a retired Army men who had served country in more then 2+ wars.He had changed a very poor village into India’s richest village, a village with 0% carbon emission and even self sustained electricity producers. They are advance village of 21st century which is also Eco-friendly. The 74 year old person is on hunger strike to give us a good Janlokpal bill ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Lokpal_Bill ) whereas government want a lokpal bill that is not capable of handling corrupt politicians.

I support Anna !!

Request for Feedback of Feedback Module

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Gaurav Paliwal <gauravpaliwal@xxx.org>
Date: Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 6:48 PM
Subject: Request for Feedback of Feedback Module
To: OpenMRS Implementers <implementers@xxx.org>
Cc: Ben Wolfe <bwolfe@xxx.org>, Burke Mamlin <burke@xxx.org>
Hi,I have been working this summer in the mentorship of Ben Wolfe, Burke Mamlin and the whole developer community on the General Feedback Mechanism Module.

Overview :

This module provides a mechanism for users to communicate with system supporters/admins with system-related (not patient-specific) messages. For example:

  • “The system is running much slower than usual today.”
  • “We need a diagnosis term for Sarcoidosis.”
  • “This system would be better if I could more easily find my patient’s lab results.”
    and eventually:
  • “I tried to select BOB SMITH and got this error” (with screenshot and a snapshot of recent log exceptions attached)

There is a ubiquitously available link in the upper right near the Help link. A “Feedback” link pops up a simple form.Β  When feedback is submitted, the user receives confirmation and the feedback is forwarded to the system administrator. The administrator can respond and act on feedback from the administration screen.

Others details are following :

It would be a matter of real pride for me if you could provide feedback and I could further improve upon this module even after the GSoC period.

Note: Their are some issues with Stack Trace else it is working fine.Hoping to get opportunity to *SQUASH* bugs πŸ™‚

Atlast made it to GSOC 2011, after previous year #rejection

In the morning when I wokeup on 26 April, 2011 , I saw the following mail, which says I am selected in #GSOC for 2011 through OpenMRS.


Dear Gaurav ,


Congratulations! Your proposal “General Feedback Mechanism” as submitted to “OpenMRS” has been accepted for Google Summer of Code 2011. Over the next few days, we will add you to the private Google Summer of Code Student Discussion List. Over the next few weeks, we will send instructions to this list regarding turn in proof of enrollment, tax forms, etc.

Now that you’ve been accepted, please take the opportunity to speak with your mentors about plans for the Community Bonding Period: what documentation should you be reading, what version control system will you need to set up, etc., before start of coding begins on May 23rd.


– – – – –