Integrated Railway Information System


At present there is no method by which a passenger can be informed of the next approaching station. This results in lack of information with the passenger and creates anxiety especially during night hours. This integrated railway information System is designed to solve the above mentioned problem by not only informing the Railway passengers about the next coming station but also for railways by generating the huge revenues for then by showing the advertisements.This System is designed especially for Indian Railway it can be easily implemented in the Indian Railways.

The project software interface for integrated railway information system is an integrated application .This software not only connects to the GPS satellites but also process the received raw data and convert it into the user friendly information which is understandable by the general public i.e. passengers in the train.

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DSpace Installation

This article is from the DSpace Official Documentation.Hope you also Like It…….


This method gets you up and running with DSpace quickly and easily. It is identical in both the Default Release and

Source Release distributions.

1. Create the DSpace user. This needs to be the same user that Tomcat (or Jetty etc) will run as. e.g. as root run:

useradd -m dspace

2. Download the latest DSpace release [] and unpack it. Although there are two

available releases ( and, you only need to

choose one. If you want a copy of all underlying Java source code, you should download the dspace-1.x-srcrelease.

zip release.


For ease of reference, we will refer to the location of this unzipped version of the DSpace release as [dspacesource]

in the remainder of these instructions.

3. Database Setup

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