F(Freedom)LOSS Based W4

Want to know what FLOSS is all about ?????

Visit :

1.http://stallman.org/ : This is the personal web site of Richard Stallman.He is a geek who has changed the way the people look at the softwares licensing policies.

2.http://www.gnu.org/ : The GNU Project

3.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Free_and_open_source_software : More About FOSS

4.http://www.dwheeler.com/oss_fs_why.html : Why open Source ???

Still don’t know what w4 is….Digg into the CODE at least you need to be hacker to know the things…….

Open Source for Academics

After a long time I have forced myself successfully to write the blogs again……To be very frank for a long time I have been searching and doing some work on open source for Educational system…..This has first lead me to study the NAAH rules which is the Indian Government Body to give ranks to the Indian Universities. After reading that I realized that their is a huge scope of the open source to be included in the Indian Universities from open archiving Server to ILS to LMS to SSO to Office productivity their is everything that can be officially need to be included in the Indian Educational System…..After carrying out some of open source project for my university i have realized that scope for volunteer work is huge what you need to do is to approach the right official guys and gain their confidence….and once you have done that files flow like a ROCKET in th higher Administration…..After facing a lot of frustration while try to incorporate open source in my Ex. School this is something really motivating for me and one thing for sure I will definitely do this in my school one day when I have……… because failing to do something and frustration is really the motivation me to do that ……