Presentation of eGov Stack 2.0 for IBMDSC

This is the presentation that I gave in IBM Developer Superstar competition 2nd round , although the presentation **was not that good** but still sharing it.

Also this is the awesome id card that I got for the day of presentation (No entry in IBM Noida facility without ID card πŸ™ ) :Β  Although the presentation is ***not that good*** but this card is still worth to be shared πŸ˜› :

GeekMeetupD #Delhi

Yesterday I have gone to the JNU‘s LUG cum Python NCR cum *unofficial* GSoC 2011 Delhi Meetup cum LUG@IITD‘s GeekMeetup which is being organized thanks to some great planning from Satya and Dr. Andrew Sir. The venue for the meetup was JNU and a great arrangement is being done by the JNU guys.The general agenda of the meetup was following ( taken from the wiki of LUG@IITD ) :


  1. Big Number of GSOC students have made to this years programme on GSOC , so lets celebrate that with recording interviews and sharing with wider world outside.
  2. GSOC students can present there project ideas short five minutes talks.
  3. In the Last NCR Python meetup Debyan again mentioned about why the regular yearly big event is not happening in North region , i think this is the apt time and place to fan this thought process and know from all stakeholders, here is some background about what has happened so far with respect to event in Delhi
  4. Pythonistas agenda to talk about and get larger audience to the event in Pune

If you want to talk on a topic please update the vacant space above. Installations of Linux Distros is available – come with laptop, we will install GNU/Linux.

I started from my home at around 9:30 AM as the venue is just 15 KM from my home but I made some huge assumption while doing that 9:30 AM calculation and that also showed off. We (Sheel Sindhu Manohar) and me reached venue at around 11:20 AM after walking around 5 KM πŸ™‚ at around 45 Degree Celsius and guess what Sheel Sindhu lost the sole of his shoes :D. When we arrived at the venue Satya was having a general discussion. Then all the GSoC students present their have given a small talk or a small discussion to be honest about their project and off course being a laziest guy in the world I don’t even remember their blog or even projects for which I can give URL here πŸ™ .Then Narendra given a presentation on Slidecast ( An improved S5 version ) . After that we have a break for around 60+ minutes. After this Akshat shown a cool demo of the HTML5 based game with a deep inside the code. Then came the big and most important discussion about *FREED 2012* by Dr. Andrew Sir .

After that we have a random session about *anything* you want to have.

when internet fly #mistake_of_ISP_setting

Recently , I shifted to the SpectraNet from Sify on the advice of the Sify local CTO πŸ˜› , who himself own the distribution right in our area for spectranet also :P:P.Although Sify offer better technical support then spectraNet , because Sify know how to deal with the GNU/Linux.Though the download speed that I usually get is 50 KBps (392 KBps connection) , in the morning I got 200+ KBps download speed :).Few Screenshots are attached here :



Free Software Meet in #Delhi 26 Dec 2010

Yesterday , I gone to the FOSS meet-up in Delhi { } held in the Seminar hall of the Vivekananda Kendra, Vivekananda International Foundation .The main organizer of the event was Narendra Sisodiya { }.For the first time in the last 2-3 years there is a Free software event in Delhi , in which number of people who attended the meet-up {23} is more then the number of people who have RSVP {19} to the event on the facebook event page :!/event.php?eid=137932729596787 .The meetup started with a 1:30 hr long introduction session, huhh pretty short naah :P. After that Arulalan T [ ] started his talk on python , the talk was a pretty cool with some questions being asked on this. I asked the question about the database abstraction { } in python something that I always liked about Java. This session ended up in a good spirit with the live code examples in python by the speaker , and some good programming practices being discussed .After this we have tea session {sponsored by Vivekanada Kendra } which lasted for around 5 minutes.

After that I started my presentation on the “Why Debian is better then Ubuntu ???????” which can be downloaded from here : .When I started the presentation the first question was why it has so , much “?????” , second was why their is space between the words ,off-course those questions are asked by those who think being loud makes every comment a statement. The main objective of my talk was to say that Debian { } is better as compared to Ubuntu because of its stability and adhesiveness  to GNU/Linux philosophy . In the meantime when other some are busy saying that GNU/Linux is of no use , using #GNU/Linux is wrong , and RMS philosophy is not so good person , their is good discussion from Piyush on why CentOS is also good to use as a server platform and choice of server platform depends from person to person. Some also said that Ubuntu never says that it is Linux but they forgot that Ubuntu itself says ” Linux for Human Beings ” :P:P .After that their are some hot hot πŸ˜€ which are somehow /*OUT-OF-CONTEXT*/ debate .I personally never use redhat /fedora as it is backed by enterprise known as “REDHAT” .Actually nothing wrong with company or its policies but its about personnel thinking which make me adheres to the free software concept . Although the first OS I used was Redhat πŸ™ .Also got to know that Apple product are for rich :P:P:P:P:D , typical philosophy of some “Community” {community with quotes}.After that we have a discussion on “Implementing open source in schools : Obstacles and our Approach” by Kalpana Mehta { } .This talk was actually well participated by Debayaan Banarajee { } , Satyakaan sir (!/profile.php?id=1120394067) , Narendra Sisodiya { } and Nalin Sir { } as they have a lot of experience in foss advocacy . After this we have a session on MeeGO & QT by Ankur Anand (anky) .In this session Debayaan Banarajee shared his experience with Meego as he is one of the code contributor to the Meego project. The last presentation was from Anuvrat Parashar { } Student B.Tech CSE at Amity University. He had shown a live demo and the presentation which was pretty cool.

After this we all are hungry { those who haven’t left the meetup in the middle :P:P are exception πŸ˜€ } , so we want for the famous “ROLL-CORNER” near Venky college in Delhi University South Campus .Hope we have more events like this in future .:)