Internet in Hyderabad *cheapest* in price

As IT engineers rely more on bandwidth and less on food as far as everyday intake is concerned. And I think here in Hyderabad you can be short of  latter but not of former. I got the internet connection form here : , and believe me the rates they offer are *cheapest*. For 600/- you have 1 Mbps and for 1000/- you can have 10 Mbps . W00t !!

In Hyderabad

So, Now I am in Hyderabad for almost a couple of weeks.I came here on 18th Sept. 2011 as I have joined TCS. The Hyderabad as a city is very good , but even after spending couple of weeks here in Hyderabad, I am still unable to visit any place of importance in Hyderabad because of Telengana strike. At same time as I am living outside the city in Gopanapally, I am also facing language problem.People here do not understand Hindi well and thats why I have to rely on *sign* language. Opps I haven’t brought the camera here 🙁 .