RIP : Raj “Oldmonk” Mathur :(

I got to know about sad demise of Raj Mathur, first through fossdotin ( ) on twitter and then on ilgud email list : . This news came as of shock to entire FOSS community of India. He was a legend hacker in Indian community and a great personality, always helping and motivating others.

I got the opportunity to meet Oldmonk once, in one of the ilugd meeting in Delhi Haat. At that time I was a student. We talked about entrepreneurship and UIDAI in that meeting. He shared many of his experience that how much he struggled in his initial days and how people used him in beginning of his career. He shared many of his learning as a freelancer and one of his learning that he shared with me was following

“If you think that other person with whom you are doing business is not good, never do business with him. Never ever. Never undervalue yourself. Whenever you quote for projects always calculate cost on your worth not on what other person think your worth is. Its always yes or no, nothing in between”.

Now, its more then 1.5+ years that I am working in industry and I think whatever he said is equally valid. I think what he taught me in that short meeting is something I will remember for lifetime. His mentoring will be remembered throughout the community for lifetime. His emails are always interesting and unique, he will always be remembered as a person of values, motivator and a great hacker.

Rest in Peace, Raj “Oldmonk” Mathur.

Raj Mathur Memorial page on Facebook :

A Tribute To Raj Mathur: A Brilliant Hacker And FOSS Contributor from EFY :

Note : Above image of oldmonk is taken from website.