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From: Gaurav Paliwal <Mail Address>
Date: Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 5:34 PM
Subject: Any volunteer for maintaining UIRC Server (GNU/Linux)


A team of the USIT students under the guidance of Rinkaj Sir (Faculty USIT) and A P Singh Sir ( Deputy Librarian ) is responsible for maintaining the some of the IT services of the UIRC .Previously Sahil Dave and Om was the part of this team then me and Deepak pitched in. These services include :

1. DSpace Server
2. Administration and Up-gradation of Debian GNU/Linux server.
3. Off-Campus Resource Sharing Module
4. LDAP Authentication Server
5. An FTP Server.

As me and Deepak will be graduating this year (/*hopefully*/) then UIRC require new person to take care of these services.

At the same future challenges include :

1. Migrating from Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze
2. Data Migration to Koha
3. Troubleshooting in case of some issues.
4. Upgradation of DSpace/FTP/Koha/Off-Campus Resource sharing Module

Requirement :

1. Self Motivation , zeal , willingness to work.
2. Internet connectivity at home.
3. Command over GNU/Linux preferred Debian or other Debian derived System.
4. Should be able to actively carry those traditions and should be able to render these responsibility to other team before leaving the college.

Note : No certificate will be Given , this is a volunteering work, but at the same time a great work environment and freedom to work will be given .You will gain a good experience.

If , Interested then drop a mail @ gaurav[dot]paliwal1989 [AT] gmail [dot] com  before 6 Jan 2010 with a resume clearly showing experience in GNU/Linux , Java , Bash Shell/Perl/Python .

With Regards,
Gaurav Paliwal

E-Gov using free software #RMS_philosophy do’s and don’t

Presentation Transcript

  1. E-Gov using OpenSource Dos and Dont #ethics #business By : Gaurav Paliwal/me =
  2. What is actually E-Governance
  3. Say it Simple say it Loud
  4. A comfortable, transparent, and cheap interaction between government and citizens (G2C –government to citizens), government and business (G2B), and between government agencies (G2G). Source :
  5. RequirementOpps, I mistyped. Its Requirements πŸ™‚
  6. Requirement #1These days everything in the government offices are on files , but it is very hectic to maintain archives of files as they grew in size. So, Yes you are right first requirement is “PAPERLESS OFFICE”
  7. Solution #1Sorry, I dont have any answer to this, if the resultant is expected to be implemented on Indian {सरकारी तंतर}
  8. Solution #1If you find any solution for this please mail it to /me @ gaurav [AT]
  9. Requirement #2 An internal office suite(Web based preferred as it dont have much hardware/software requirement at the client site)
  10. Solution #2 Group-OfficeSource :
  11. Solution #2 See License TwiceIts distributed under the terms of the Affero General Public License (AGPL). If you dont want to be restricted by the AGPL license, you can offer a customized version of the Professional version to your customers.
  12. Requirement #3Departmental Intranet Portal
  13. Solution #3 DrupalLiferay ( Trillion time more loved by /me #Java_Love )
  14. Requirement #4E-Learning (Notes , Forums , Tests , Quizzes , Attendance , Grades , Chats , Blogs , Forum and Pay-Pal Gateway Integration)
  15. YesEven metro has a internal LMS Running.
  16. Solution #4What else then Moodle
  17. Solution #4 What else then Moodle Java Based Sakai Also available
  18. Requirement #5Document Management OR Online research paper repository
  19. Solution #5DSpace (Opps I cant think behind Java)
  20. Requirement #6 Blog
  21. Solution #6Who Beats : WordPress
  22. Requirement #7/#8/#9 # Accounting # Inventory # E-Tendering
  23. Solution #7Decide on your OWN πŸ™‚
  24. FinallyGet *everything bundled and packaged from : e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Clouds * = Condition Apply πŸ™‚
  25. Questions ?
  26. Best of luck for making the e of e-Gov as Earning πŸ™‚ #freelance
  27. Is it that Easy ?? No , Its Not.
  28. Why ????
  29. Reason #1No , proprietorship if you are aiming big….
  30. Reason #2“tenders” bula rahe hai πŸ™‚
  31. Reason #3DGSND Calling πŸ™‚ Attack the core #Hardware
  32. Reason #4Respect and accept the M$ #criteria
  33. Reason #5Business Ethics {NOCOMMENTS}
  34. Reason #6Dont solve Requirement…….Solve Problem πŸ™‚
  35. Reason #7They love to live on land , Not on the Clouds
  36. Reason #7They have an affair with #NIC , Respect that relationship and Dont burn your hands
  37. Reason #8Start doing Yoga πŸ™‚ The only way to keep frustration of loosing tenders by <3000/- margin πŸ˜› /me – victim of the above
  38. Thanks/me =

Project eGov 2.0 Stack for Private/Public Cloud is #officially up #FOSS

The site for the project : eGov 2.0 Stack for Private/Public Cloud is up along with SVN and mailing list .Visit this link for other information :