PrettyTime Java Library

The way people want to see their timeline has changed very fast in the last several years.Now instead of seeing timestamp people are more interested is seeing something like : “in 3 minutes!” etc etc.

The best way to do this in java is to use , which allow you to use it in various variety of ways e.g. : PrettyTime.NET, PrettyTime Grails Plug-in, PrettyTime with JSP .

Netbeans *OVER* smartness

Some days back I was strucked in testing my GSoC project for almost 1 week and at the end it is the smartness of Netbeans that costed this when I created the testcases.Netbeans modified this[1] to something like this [2] and wasted a lot of my time.

[1] :
[2] :

[1] : Error when loading gists from
[2] : Error when loading gists from

How to ignore test in maven build using Netbeans

If you want to ignore the test cases execution to run while building a maven project using Netbeans then do the following :

1. Select the project in the project explorer.
2. Right Click it , then select Custom then Goals.
3. In new window check Skip Tests and add install as “Goal”
4. Press OK
5. Done !! now drink coffee.