Project Proposal Version.2 ( e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Clouds )

Project Proposal Version.2
e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Clouds

Web :
Source Code :

Following milestone have been attained in the version.1 of the e-Gov 2.0 Stack for Public/Private Clouds :

1. Integrated Learning Management System
2. Research Paper Repository
3. Integrated Office Suite
4. Blog
5. Content Management System
6. A minimalistic e-Tendering App
7. Integrated Library System
8. LDAP Based Authentication for all the services stated above (Still not SSO based ).
9. Simple Shell Scripts for the easy install of these services

In the next stage for the project the e-Gov 2.0 stack for Public/Private Clouds that will be version.2 following additional feature/road-map are proposed :

1. Common Search Interface (through Nutch) for searching the Blog/Portal/ILS/Research Repository etc.
2. Basic Profile Manager for maintaining and tracking the records of the employees. (Salary/Leaves/Track Record)
3. Upgrading the CMS (Drupal )/Blog (WordPress) /ILS (Koha) to next version.
4. Polishing of the overall product and providing a better Installer
5. Finalizing the license

Please give your feedback regarding the same.

Any takers for this #usit #ggsipu

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From: Gaurav Paliwal <Mail Address>
Date: Tue, Jan 4, 2011 at 5:34 PM
Subject: Any volunteer for maintaining UIRC Server (GNU/Linux)


A team of the USIT students under the guidance of Rinkaj Sir (Faculty USIT) and A P Singh Sir ( Deputy Librarian ) is responsible for maintaining the some of the IT services of the UIRC .Previously Sahil Dave and Om was the part of this team then me and Deepak pitched in. These services include :

1. DSpace Server
2. Administration and Up-gradation of Debian GNU/Linux server.
3. Off-Campus Resource Sharing Module
4. LDAP Authentication Server
5. An FTP Server.

As me and Deepak will be graduating this year (/*hopefully*/) then UIRC require new person to take care of these services.

At the same future challenges include :

1. Migrating from Debian Lenny to Debian Squeeze
2. Data Migration to Koha
3. Troubleshooting in case of some issues.
4. Upgradation of DSpace/FTP/Koha/Off-Campus Resource sharing Module

Requirement :

1. Self Motivation , zeal , willingness to work.
2. Internet connectivity at home.
3. Command over GNU/Linux preferred Debian or other Debian derived System.
4. Should be able to actively carry those traditions and should be able to render these responsibility to other team before leaving the college.

Note : No certificate will be Given , this is a volunteering work, but at the same time a great work environment and freedom to work will be given .You will gain a good experience.

If , Interested then drop a mail @ gaurav[dot]paliwal1989 [AT] gmail [dot] com  before 6 Jan 2010 with a resume clearly showing experience in GNU/Linux , Java , Bash Shell/Perl/Python .

With Regards,
Gaurav Paliwal

Project eGov 2.0 Stack for Private/Public Cloud is #officially up #FOSS

The site for the project : eGov 2.0 Stack for Private/Public Cloud is up along with SVN and mailing list .Visit this link for other information :

eGov-2.0 Stack for Private/Public Clouds #project #2

To be very honest for someone like me writing a blog or even a page is something for which I have have to push myself.I was a bit busy in the last couple of days  deciding the outline for the DSpace tutorial series for the Spoken tutorial ( ) . I n the meantime I have decided to do some changes in the outline for the eGov-2.0 Stack for Private/Public Clouds whic are follwoing :

1.In the first release their will be LDAP Integration over all services (i.e. same username/password and profile for all services) but their will be no SSO.

2.The first release will concentrate on the application and simple automated installation over the clouds but not on HOW to deploy your OWN cloud infrastructure.

3.The release date will be now january as testing is still left and i messed up with the test cases and I don’t want to come up with a “UNSTABLE” release.In the meantime Debian Squeeze will also become stable and hopefully LDAP bug will be removed. :)

4.The Second release will have a separated search interface for all the data stored in the application [OCR enabled].Also at the same time it will be based on nutch but the backend hopefully will be Solr instead of Lucene .

5.The second release will also concentrate to make the cloud deployment , SSO and at the same I will try to port all the apps to the JVM (php / python apps) and will try if I can use any technique to execute it over the “Google Apps Engine JVM” because if this happen then this will be a great.

6.The license would be simple as I am using a lot of open source applications in it, so must probably it will be :

You can do anything with the code until and unless it comply with all the individual licenses of the products that are included with this. :P 😛

This is the simplest License I can think.

Please give your reviews and suggestion about this .


eGov-2.0 Stack for Private/Public Clouds #project

Currently I am working on following  project ( Project Guide : Prof (Dr.) Yogesh Singh ) , which is almost complete except some testing that I need to execute (and some modules) before the final submission to the Guide.Also I am thinking seriously to open source it in Dec.  itself  if everything goes fine and according to the plan.

Project Proposal
eGov-2.0 Stack for Private/Public Clouds

Problem :
1.These days everything in the government offices are on files , but it is very hectic to maintain
archives of files as they grew in size.
2.NIC/CDAC/CDOT are the only organization fulfilling the e-gov need but still no one has tried hands on
the office automation + e-governance 2.0 (no vendor locks all open format)
3.An internal office suite (Web based preferred as it don’t have much hardware/software requirement
at the client site and less hardware/software means less viruses/malware/spam attack )
4.E-Mail , IM , Notes , Documents all from one browser window.
5. For Academic Institutions (Several Addons)
(i) E-Learning (Notes , Forums , Tests , Quizzes , Attendance , Grades , Chats , Blogs , Forum , and  Pay-Pal Gateway Integration)
(ii) Document Management
(iii) Integrated Library System
(iv) Online research paper repository
(v) CMS (Content Management System)
(vi) Blog
6.Paperless Office
7.Departmental Intranet Portal
9. Inventory

Solution ( Phase Wise Development )

1.Inventory Management System
2.Centralized Authentication System
3.Google Apps Integration
4.Group Applications
5. For Academic Institutions (Several Addons)
(i) E-Learning (Notes , Forums , Tests , Quizzes , Attendance , Grades , Chats , Blogs ,Forum , and  PayPal Gateway Integration)
(ii) Document Management
(iii) Integrated Library System
(iv) Online research paper repository
(v) CMS (Content Management System)
(vi) Blog
6.Intranet Applications
7.Accounting Software
8.Cloud Computing Compactness (Public/Private)
9.Paperless Office