Project Status #GSoC

Here is small snippet of the work that I have done till now ( taken from : )

General Feedback Mechanishm Page – (Gaurav) 10:15-10:30

Presentation :

Project Wiki Page :
Design Page :
Implementation Ideas Page :

Work Done till now :
Add/Delete Severity
Add/Delete PreDefined Subject
Add/Delete Status
Submit feedback partially complete.
Spanish localization ready (except for Admin Page)

Work still Pending :
Edit severity to be added afterwards by extending severityForm.jsp
Edit Predefined Subject to be added afterwards by extending predefinedSubjectForm.jsp
Edit severity to be added afterwards by extending statusForm.jsp
Functionality to add page context and attachment while submitting feedback.
Edit Preferences option to users.

Admin panel for replying to the feedbacks.
Add submit feedback to the top left panel with jquery popup.
Creator to be replaced by the Username in feedbackList.jsp

Project Status :
Behind the timeline for Admin Panel and ahead in user panel designing.

Screenshots :
Admin Page :
Add Status Page :
Edit Panel Status :
Add Severity Page :
Edit Panel for Severity :
Add Predefined Subject Page :
Edit Panel for Predefined Subject :
Incomplete Manage Feedback Panel :
Submit Feedback Page :