How to take diff of #project in Git/SVN

If you want to take diff of the whole project then these commands can be useful :

For SVN user :
svn diff -r20131:22829

20131 : Revision to start from
22829 : Revision to end from : Link to the SVN .

For Git User :
git log ‘HEAD@{24-05-2011}’..’HEAD@{22-08-2011}’ -p > openmrs-gsoc2011-gauravpaliwal.diff
24-05-2011 : Start Date
22-08-2011 : End Date
openmrs-gsoc2011-gauravpaliwal.diff : File to redirect the output

FDBK svn to GitHub

So, atlast as an experiment I have migrated the current codebase[0] of the General Feedback Module to the GitHub[1] just for the purpose of playing around with git.At the same time I am also trying my hand on the this[2] consulting this [3].

[0] :
[1] :
[2] :
[3] :

Proof attached 😀

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: GitHub <>
Date: Sun, Jul 10, 2011 at 11:34 AM
Subject: [GitHub] Your import has completed
Hi gauravpaliwal,

This email is to let you know that your import for General-Feedback-Module-OpenMRS has completed.

The repository is located at:

The GitHub Team

#GSoC Stats #OpenMRS

These are some of the statistics of the work that I have done till now in #GSoC2011 taken from
First commit 18 May 2011
Latest commit 15 June 2011

Last Week     All Time
Commits:           4                  14
Files changed:    83                345
Change in LOC:  342               2,880

Line History

Line Count Graph

Commit Activity

52 week commits volume

Commits By Day In Week

Commits by day

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Commits by hour

Commits By Hour In Day

Welcome to the family #openmrs

I requested the access to the repository by sending a mail at the Subversion Administrators <code_AT_openmrs_DOT_org> , and within some days once the module id conformed as the *feedback*, I got the access to SVN of OpenMRS with the mail from my own Mentor Ben Wolfe that states

"Welcome to the family!  You now have write access to the repository using the same credentials as you do for the wiki and jira sites. Please be sure to read about our repository conventions, including the code of conduct: ".

After that I gone through the Subversion Code of Conduct and as asked by the Ben Wolfe.At the same Ben's mail contain a quick small tutorial for the same which is following :

——(Snip from Ben Wolfe mail)—-

If you have already written your code, the easiest way to get your project into svn is using the "share project" link.

1) "Team–>Disconnect" your current project
2) Then "Team–>Share Project" your project
3) Specify a folder name (from the repository) of "openmrs-modules/feedback/

trunk" as the directory name
4) Enter a commit comment like "Creating initial directory for feedback"
5) Choose "Team –> Commit" from the root of your project
(For some reason, this only adds the parent folder, so you'll have to now add all the files)
6) Choose "Team–>Commit" on the root of your project
7) Enter a commit comment like "Initial commit of all feedback files"

If you haven't written any code, the easiest thing to do would be to branch another module that you want to start from.  basicmodule, helloworldmodule, devexamples/simpleservicemodule are all good candidates.

1) Open the SVN Repository Exploring Perspective in Eclipse
2) Add as a repository
3) Find the module you want to branch, right click on it and choose Branch/Tag
4) Enter as the "Copy to URL"
5) Choose the "HEAD" revision
6) Enter a commit comment like "Initial commit of all feedback files"
7) Now do an svn checkout of that new trunk folder and start editing, adding, and then committing!

For all subsequent commits, choose "Team–>Commit" from the root of your project and check/uncheck the files that you want to send to the svn server.


On 2011-05-18 16:11:01 +0000 (Wed, 18 May 2011) , I have done my first commit to the OpenMRS repository although that was just a test before the actual work actually start. Although in a hurry I forgot to ignore the target folder which is then corrected with the help of a reminder from my mentor :).