Netbeans *OVER* smartness

Some days back I was strucked in testing my GSoC project for almost 1 week and at the end it is the smartness of Netbeans that costed this when I created the testcases.Netbeans modified this[1] to something like this [2] and wasted a lot of my time.

[1] :
[2] :

[1] : Error when loading gists from
[2] : Error when loading gists from

Installation of packages with No/Limited Internet Connectivity

Narendra Sisodiya has started a project named debbundle for the installation of the software on computers running deb based GNU/Linux but with NO/Limited internet connectivity.Although their are many other replacement for the project like aptoncd but the thing that make it unique it is that it is ported on SchoolOS by default.Now, I will be testing it in next couple of days incase I find some free time.